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喻冬梅, 蒋宗敏, 戴冬云, 杜东, 武星
Application of Industrial internet in power equipment industry
Yu Dong-mei, Jiang Zong-min, Dai Dong-yun, Du Dong, Wu Xing
(XD electric Research Institute Co.,Ltd,ShanXi XiAn,710075)
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投稿时间:2019-03-26    修订日期:2019-04-24
中文摘要: 为解决电力装备行业现场层采集的数据过少、过杂和“过脏”、企业级数据孤岛和制造数据与运维数据未有效打通等问题,本文采用“数字孪生”技术构建了电力装备领域工业互联网平台,重点开展了基于平台的设计云、生产云、知识云、检测云和服务云等环节设计,并在电力装备设计、制造和运维管理等场景进行了探索应用。通过研制推广智慧电器提升了设备自动化、数字化、网络化水平,消除了电力装备终端连接不足的瓶颈,提高了设备的数据采集能力和机理模型的沉淀能力;通过建设智能工厂将企业内部的设备和流程上云,建立运行与制造之间的有效联系,打通产品数据与运维数据,实现了提质增效;开展电力装备的资产管理和运维服务,局部打通了设备、产线、生产和运营系统,获取数据,打造了数据驱动的智能生产能力。将研制的工业互联网应用于电力装备行业,一方面获得了电力装备行业知识与经验的沉淀、重构和制造资源优化配置;另一方面,它为企业从传统电力装备制造企业向制造服务型企业转型奠定了技术基础。
Abstract:In order to solve the problem that the data collected by the field layer of the power equipment industry is too small, too complicated and “over-dirty”, the enterprise-level data islands and manufacturing data and the data of operation and maintenance are not effectively opened,this paper uses the "digital twin" technology to build an industrial Internet platform in the field of power equipment . The design cloud, production cloud, knowledge cloud, detection cloud and service cloud based on platform are importantly carried out,and they are explored and applied under the conditions of power equipment design, manufacturing and maintenance management. By developing and investigating smart appliances, the equipment automation, digitization and networking level have been improved, the bottleneck of insufficient connection of power equipment terminals has been eliminated, and the precipitation capability of mechanism model have been improved besides the data collection capability of equipment; By building the smart factories, the internal equipment and processes of the enterprise will be transferred to industrial internet , then an effective connection between operation and manufacturing will be established, linking the product data and the operation and maintenance data to achieve quality and efficiency. Through the asset management and operation and maintenance services of power equipment, we have partially opened up equipment, production lines, production and operation systems, obtained data, and created data-driven intelligent production capacity. Through the construction and application of the platform to the power equipment industry, on the one hand, we gained experience of reconstruction and optimization of manufacturing resources in the industry, On the other hand, it laid the technical foundation for the transformation of enterprise from traditional manufacturing enterprise to manufacturing service enterprise.
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