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Research and Analysis of Transmission and Distribution Price Estimation Model under Market Environment
(State Grid corporation of China)
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中文摘要: 电改实施以来,输配电价改革主要集中在对现有改革成效的分析以及提出相应的对策和建议等理论层面研究上,缺乏对成本加收益管制模型具体实施的相关实践性研究,无法满足当前输配电价测算的实践需求;本文基于以上情况就冀北公司电价管理模拟测算模型进行了深入研究,分析以输配电价改革方案下的电价组成情况,模型框架,结合冀北电力公司测算输配电价的实际情况,从含义、范围及水平方面分析了影响准许成本和准许收益的各个具体参数,并阐述了冀北电力公司现有电价测算工具(电价综合分析系统),为争取有利电价政策、提升盈利能力提供依据,深入细致研究电价政策,通过购售电测算模型、成本收益测算、智能报告、全国对标等项目快速找准差距,针对性改善考核指标,提高工作效率。
中文关键词: 电价测算  输配电  电价分析
Abstract:Since the implementation of the electricity reform, the reform of transmission and distribution price has mainly focused on the analysis of the effectiveness of the existing reform and the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions at the theoretical level. The lack of practical research on the specific implementation of the cost-plus-income control model can not meet the practical needs of the current transmission and distribution price calculation. Based on the above situation, this paper has carried out a simulation calculation model of electricity price management in Jibei Company,In-depth study, analysis of the composition of electricity price under the transmission and distribution price reform scheme, the model framework, combined with the actual situation of Jibei Electric Power Company in calculating the transmission and distribution price, from the meaning, scope and level, analysis of the specific parameters affecting the allowable cost and allowable income, and elaborate the existing pricing calculation tools(The comprehensive analysis system) of Jibei Electric Power Company, in order to gain benefits. Electricity pricing policy and improving profitability provide the basis for in-depth and detailed study of electricity pricing policy, through the purchase and sale of electricity calculation model, cost-benefit calculation, intelligent reporting, national benchmarking projects to quickly identify gaps, targeted improvement of assessment indicators, improve work efficiency
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