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Dynamic network reconfiguration of active distribution network considering time-varying data
Li Qingsheng1, Tang Xueyong2, Liu Dong3, Huang Yuhui4, Deng Pu2, Liu Jinsen2
(1.Power Grid Planning Research Center of Guizhou Power Grid Co., Ltd.;2.Power Grid Planning Research Center of Guizhou Power Grid Co., Ltd;3.School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University;4.Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
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投稿时间:2019-01-22    修订日期:2019-03-29
中文摘要: 目前的配电网网架重构主要考虑停电发生时刻单场景下的电网信息,但实际上配电网网架重构贯穿于整个故障修复时期, 仅考虑停电发生时刻的电网信息可能造成后续时段电网过载,因此本文提出计及数据时变性的动态网络重构方案。本文以分布式电源大规模接入下的主动配电网为研究对象,首先基于贪婪法思想提出单一场景下的网络重构方法, 然后利用负荷及各类分布式电源的预测信息,以故障排除周期内能量损失最少为目标建立基于连续场景考虑数据时变性的动态网络重构模型。同时本文引入滚动优化的思想, 对动态网络重构方案进行纠偏,以适应分布式电源的随机波动。最后, 通过仿真分析, 论证了分布式电源对优化系统恢复方案的作用,说明了所提模型和方法的有效性。
Abstract:The distribution network reconfiguration mainly considers the grid information in the single scene when the fault occurs, but actually it is through the whole fault repair period, and thus only consider the grid information at the time of power failure may lead to the overload of the grid in subsequent periods. Given this background, the dynamic network reconfiguration scheme which takes into account the time-varying data is proposed. Firstly, an active distribution network reconfiguration algorithm considering distributed generation (DG) based on greedy algorithm is presented. Secondly, a model aims at minimizing the energy loss during the post-fault period is established, and then the single scenario optimization could be extended to continuous scenario optimization. Subsequently, the rolling optimization is employed to update the network reconfiguration scheme and adjust the power supply of the DGs. Finally, the simulation results demonstrate the effect of DGs on optimizing system recovery scheme and identify the effectiveness of the developed model and method.
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