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(1.贵州电网有限责任公司铜仁供电局;2.苏州华天国科电力科技有限公司;3.华南理工大学 计算机科学与工程学院;4.华南理工大学 电力学院)
Cable Channel Vibration Identification and Early Warning System Based on Optical Fiber Iinterference
(1.Tongren power supply bureau of Guizhou power grid co., ltd.;2.Suzhou Huatian Power Technology Co., Ltd.;3.School of Computer Science &4.Engineering, South China University of Technology;5.School of Electric Power, South China University of Technology)
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投稿时间:2018-07-14    修订日期:2018-11-02
中文摘要: 随着社会发展,电缆凭借诸多优势得到了广泛应用。但各类违章行为造成的电缆受外力破坏事故层出不穷,带来社会经济的巨大损失。针对配电网电力电缆外力破坏问题,本文基于光纤干涉原理设计了一种适用于中低压配电网电缆通道的防外侵预警系统。该系统能够实现振动信号辨识,对入侵信号进行防区定位以及综合评估。它主要由硬件系统和软件系统两部分构成,将监控范围内的入侵振动信号进行采集,分别提取其属性特征,采用支持向量机和BP神经网络对入侵信号进行识别。入侵振动信号可划分为安全、警告、危险三种等级,一旦危险侵入源靠近电缆通道,预警系统将通过短信形式及时提醒值班人员。测试结果表明,该系统设计合理,对振动信号识别准确率高,可达到80%。该系统工作原理简单,安装便捷,适用于监测中低压配电网电缆通道外力入侵。
Abstract:With the development of the society, the cable has been widely used with many advantages. However, the cable damage caused by various types of violations has been endless, causing huge losses in the social economy. Aiming at the problem of power cable external force damage in distribution network, this paper designs an anti external invasion early warning system for middle and low voltage distribution network cable channel based on the principle of optical fiber interference. The system can realize vibration signal identification and synthetically evaluate the intrusion signals. It mainly consists of two parts of the hardware system and software system. The invading vibration signals are collected in the monitoring range, and their attribute properties are extracted respectively. The support vector machine SVM and BP neural network are used to identify the intrusion signals. Intrusion vibration signals can be classified into three levels: safety, warning, and danger. Once the dangerous intrusive source is near the cable channel, the early warning system will alarm the person on duty in time by SMS. The test results show that the system is reasonable in design and has high accuracy in vibration signal recognition, which can reach 80%. The system has simple working principle and convenient installation, and is suitable for monitoring external force invasion of cable passages in medium and low voltage distribution networks.
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