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A new mode of intelligent service management based on the concept of
(State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company)
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中文摘要: 为加快北京地区国际一流配电网建设进程,实现电力企业营配业务末端融合,提升公司精益化管理水平,本文基于“大数据”理念,分别从电网规划、安全生产、基础管理和优质服务四个领域建立信息化管理模式;以“大数据”平台为基础数据支撑和决策支撑,以供电服务指挥中心“接派发工单业务”和“故障抢修处置指挥业务”两项业务为切入点,应用“大数据”理念实现配网报修工单的可视化实时监视、频繁停电时间的统计和综合分析以及配抢业务可视化指挥沙盘等功能,创新构建智能化服务管理新模式。实践证明基于“大数据”理念的智能化服务管理新模式为国网北京城区供电公司的政治供电保障、营配业务贯通提供了强有力的数据信息支撑,具有良好的推广及应用前景。
Abstract:To speed up the world class distribution network in Beijing, and integrate the terminal services of electricity selling and distribution of electric companies as well as to improve the management of the company, and with the concept of big data, an information based management model is built considering the planning of the grid, safety construction, fundamental management and quality services. The big data platform is used to provide fundamental data and decision making support, with two services as cutting points, namely the “Distributing Work Order Business” and “Fault Repair and Disposal Command Business”. This paper deeply analyzes the visualized real-time monitoring of distribution network, counting the frequent outage time, and applicating of visualized command sandbox for rushing business based on the concept of “big data”, and explores a new model of intelligent service management. Practices demonstrate that this new model is relevant and robust for the stable power supply to Capital Beijing which is the political center, and for the integration of selling and distributing businesses, which means this model is promising in terms of replica of application.
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