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Research on Evaluation Method of Reactive Power Operation Assessment of Generator Set Based on Big Data
(1.State Grid Jibei Electric Power Company Limited;2.Beijing Kedong Electric Power Control System Co, Ltd.)
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中文摘要: 在电力传输过程中,存在输电线路、变压器、母线等电气设备出现损耗从而降低供电效率的情况,目前常用无功补偿的方式来解决此问题。因此无功补偿装置的性能对电力系统安全稳定运行具有十分重要的作用。但是目前对于无功运行管理方面缺乏高效的手段,亟需完整科学的方法进行指导。针对上述问题和需求,本文首先应用大数据技术构建了支撑评价指标计算和分析的数据层,根据发电机组无功运行考核的实际业务需求分析提出了完整的评价指标体系,包括设备可用率、设备折旧率和设备故障率三个二级指标,最后提出了层次分析法与熵权值法相结合的综合评价方法。应用本文提出的指标对并网发电机组的无功运行情况进行考核评价,能够从客观角度反映机组的实际运行情况,为电网运行专业管理人员提供辅助决策。
Abstract:In the process of power transmission, there are cases where power lines such as transmission lines, transformers, and bus bars are depleted to reduce power supply efficiency. Currently, reactive power compensation is commonly used to solve this problem.Therefore, the performance of the reactive power compensation device plays an important role in the safe and stable operation of the power system.However, there is currently no efficient means for reactive operation management,there is urgent need for a completely scientific approach to guidance.In view of the above problems and needs, this paper firstly applies the big data technology to build the data layer that supports the calculation and analysis of the evaluation indicators. According to the actual business demand analysis of the reactive operation evaluation of the generator set, a complete evaluation index system is proposed, including three secondary indicators, which are equipment availability, equipment depreciation rate and Equipment failure rate. Finally, the analytic hierarchy process is proposed. A comprehensive evaluation method combined with the entropy weight method. Applying the indicators proposed in this paper to evaluate the reactive operation of the grid-connected generator set, it can reflect the actual operation of the unit from an objective angle, and provide auxiliary decision-making for the professional management personnel of the grid operation.
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