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Study on the management and application of fine coal blending and blending in Guizhou Province
(Datang Guizhou faer Power Generation Co., Ltd.)
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中文摘要: 鉴于贵州省地质结构的特殊性,火电企业采购电煤点多面广,煤质指标差异较大,且严重偏离设计煤种,煤情总体呈现为量少质次标价高的特点,为锅炉稳定燃烧和环保达标排放带来很大的隐患,某电厂结合近几年来配煤掺烧管理经验,围绕入炉煤煤质需求进行配煤掺烧工作,以锅炉稳定运行、环保达标排放为标准大力开展设备改造和配煤掺烧试验推进配煤掺烧工作开展,形成从经济煤种采购入厂、炉前按煤质需求混配、炉内燃烧情况反馈、调整入炉煤混配、提出电煤采购需求的标准化配煤掺烧工作流程,为探索贵州火力发电企业降低生产成本、提高企业经济效益和竞争力、拉动区域经济发展提供了新途径。
中文关键词: 配煤掺烧  管理 成本  竞争力
Abstract:Abstract: in view of the particularity of the geological structure in Guizhou, Electric enterprises are widely used to purchase electric coal, and the coal quality index is different, and it deviates seriously from the design of coal, the overall situation of coal is characterized by low quantity and high price, which brings great potential risks for the stable combustion of boilers and the emission of environmental protection standards, A power plant combines the management experience of co-firing with coal blending in recent years, Coal blending and co-firing work should be carried out around the demand of coal and coal quality, In order to carry out equipment transformation and coal blending test, the coal blending is carried out with the standard of stable operation of boiler and standard of environmental protection, which formed from the economic coal procurement into the factory, according to the demand of coal blending furnace, furnace combustion the feedback and adjustment of furnace coal blending, proposed coal procurement needs standardization of coal blending process, It provides a new way for exploring Guizhou thermal power generation enterprises to reduce production cost, and improve the economic benefits and competitiveness of enterprises, and promote regional economic development.
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