Energy-Save Retrofit for Big Gradient Main Piping Circulating Water System And Parallel Running in three Pumps
Guo li,Cai Xiaoming and Chen zhengjian
(Shenzhen Energy Group Easton Power Plant,Shenzhen Energy Group Easton Power Plant,Shenzhen Energy Group Easton Power Plant)
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中文摘要: 为了提高燃气-蒸汽联合循环机组循环水系统的经济性,降低两班制运行机组每日启停循泵,循环水系统正负水锤的安全风险,以及克服计算循环水泵工作点的局限性。文章分析DB电厂350MW大型燃机的大坡度、双母管循环水系统的特殊性,以及设计工况和实际二班制调峰运行工况的差异,得出该系统有较大节能空间且采用变频调速是最佳节能改造方案。本工程根据不同频率下循环水泵的特性曲线,和拟合的系统管路阻力曲线,用作图法计算水泵并列运行工作点,相比解析法直观反映水泵并列情况,并且计算简单,试验结果证明了计算的正确性。改造后达到了预期的经济性目标,同时优化了系统控制逻辑,提高了安全性。
Abstract:In Combined Circle Gas Turbine units (CCGT),in order to raise economic benefits and reduce the non-normal water hammer risk occurred during operation for daily start stop unit(DSS) of circulating water system, and furthermore, intend to overcome the limitation of other methods, which be used to calculate the pumps working points. This paper analyses both physical features and differences between design conditions and the practical two-shift operation model, which the big gradient piping-main circulating water system cater for a grade of 350MW CCGT units in DB power plant. Base on the analysis, there are a number of energy-saving potentials and the best retrofit method would be to adopt frequency conversion. In accordance with a set of pump performance curves in various frequencies provided by manufactory and three kinds of parallel system curves simulated through experimental data, line chart method is used to calculate the work point. Compared with analytic method, line chart method is simple and intuitive and validity has been proved by serials of trials. After retrofit, conserving energy target is obtained; both system safety and controlling logic have been optimized further. On another hand this project also provides means for economical operation of unit.
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