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Talking about the Application and Development of Big Data Management in Grassroots Power Supply Enterprises
YAN Bin,Chen Bin,Yang Chunlin and Liao Zhiqi
(State Grid Chongqing Bishan Power Supply Company,State Grid Chongqing Bishan Power Supply Company,State Grid Chongqing Bishan Power Supply Company,State Grid Chongqing Bishan Power Supply Company)
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中文摘要: 大数据的应用越来越广泛,将大数据思维应用到管理中已是大势所趋。电力大数据是指各种数据采集渠道收集到的海量业务数据的集合,具有数据量大、时效性强、使用价值高等特点。国网、南网等电网企业早已嗅到了大数据的价值,采取了很多措施,及时作出了必要的战略部署。目前,基层供电企业的业务部门开明人士和运监人员正开始数据管理尝试,还处在起步阶段,面临诸多问题需要解决。本文列出的几个数据管理分析案例,是基层供电企业在大数据管理方面的“星星之火”,提出面对大数据潮流基层供电企业可主动作为的几点建议,以在未来的大数据管理潮流中占据主动地位,并展望大数据管理在基层供电企业应用的场景。
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Abstract:The application of big data is more and more widely, it is the general trend to apply big data thinking to management. Power big data refers to a collection of massive business data collected by various data collection channels, which has the characteristics of large amount of data, strong timeliness and high use value. Power grid enterprises such as State Grid and South Network have already smelted the value of big data and taken many measures to make the necessary strategic deployment in time. Currently, the grassroots power supply business unit enlightened person and the commission is starting data management attempts, is still in its infancy, facing many problems need to be resolved. Several data management and analysis cases listed in this article are the "stars of fire" in the big data management of grass-roots power supply enterprises. They put forward some suggestions that grass-roots power supply enterprises can take the initiative in the face of the big data trend, Management trends occupy the initiative, and look forward to big data management in the grass-roots power supply enterprise applications scene.
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